Speak Spanish with Confidence

The Vallejo Center for Learning Spanish  is an unique educational in Dallas-Texas that provides a full range of Spanish learning programs, courses, classes, and lessons, serving the needs of professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, and families with elementary and high school children.

Our mission is to integrate Spanish language learning with functional discovery of Spanish language uses in its historical civilizations and societies. We believe in communicative instruction and language practice in collaborative settings. At our school, we embed students in global Spanish communication experiences. Our instructors have wide-ranging expertise teaching Spanish to international learners in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and across the Americas.


Children Learning Science in Spanish

At the Vallejo Center for Learning Spanish, we use an immersive, active-learning Spanish language program to help your children learn about their environment and natural world as they are mastering Spanish-language vocabulary and grammatical structures. Our Spanish-learning children explore a variety of topics in natural and life sciences, incrementally building on previously developed competencies. An integral part of our Spanish for Children program includes a focus on interpersonal communication and presentation skills. Your children will not only be excited to explain to you natural processes in Spanish, but they will also practice how to deliver their knowledge in a variety of interactive presentation formats.