Spanish for Children

Do you wish to get an early start with your children becoming competent bilingual students and citizens? Second language acquisition attains the best results when young learners are exposed to another language at pre-school age. At Vallejo Center for Learning Spanish, we have designed carefully planned courses to adapt to children’s developing cognitive abilities and needs in bilingual education. With our Pre-Kids Program, aimed for 5 to 7 – year-olds, you will be surprised by your child gradually achieving natural expressive aptitude in Spanish, uttering questions and statements in clear colloquial Spanish. In our Kids Program,  created for children 8 to 10 years of age, your child will be advancing with his/her spoken Spanish skills while engaging in a range of interactive and narrative-based activities. As part of our Juniors Program, 11 to 14 – year – olds will develop their writing, reading and speaking competencies in Spanish through hands-on and immersive projects.